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Locating public court records in the UK is no easy task. While one may think that simply because a record is public that it is easy to find, this is simply not the case. A common complaint that comes up in regards to UK citizens searching for public court records is that while they are sometimes available they are often extremely difficult to find. Searching for hours upon hours for public court records is commonplace and it doesn’t have to be. Thanks to the modern technology of data storage, there are many upon many databases on the internet which are accessible and interlinked and can also allow you to search for public UK court records much easier than could have ever been imagined 10 years ago. In the past, searches would require one to make many phone calls, write letters, and even get in the car and drive to find the records being sought. Anyone doing those things today would most likely be wasting their time because it is much easier and more efficient to simply get on the internet and perform you searches from there. If you require hard copies of court records then they can usually be purchased online as well.

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